“A good Headshot Photographer isn’t what it once was. Online submitting changed everything. Vanie captures the spirit of the person…I don’t always think actors realize how important the picture is, especially in commercials. You have a good picture, you get the audition, you book the job, the job means money. I see actors put off taking good headshots for years and years only to say “why didn’t I do this sooner?” because when they finally shoot with someone such as Vanie, I see their activity literally change overnight. The picture is everything, It’s your ticket”

Brooke Taylor Nuttall – KMR & Associates

“As an agent who loves an interesting, out of the ordinary headshot, I have been a fan and have recommended Vanie for years. The session is professional and it really sets the bar for future shoots as far as the actor is concerned.  The end result is always great. The shots are enormously interesting and you can always tell who has been working with Vanie…the eye is drawn almost automatically to her work. In these times of everyone in town being allowed to submit online, that makes a huge difference.”

Mike O’Dell – Bobby Ball Agency

Actress Headshot