Short answer?

Because with over 17 years experience, my knowledge of industry standards gives me the ability to provide you with headshots that get results rather than getting you an agent who says “please re-shoot”.  Simply put, having to re-shoot will end up costing you more in the long run.

Or Long Answer?

  • I run a business, so I’m constantly re-investing in my craft, my livelihood, by continuing my education to insure I’m always up to speed on the latest trends, technology and equipment.
  • I carry insurance. Your digital data is backed up in three different places. Your files are safe and kept forever.
  • Not only do I have the ability to put you at ease, but I have the ability to give you consistent results. I don’t stumble upon great images.
  • My experience allows me to clearly define and bring to light what you’re asking for.
  • You can trust me to be a professional. I’m on time, I don’t cancel (unless I’m deathly sick) and I’m accessible before, during and long after your session.



Two backgrounds
Four outfits (up to 3 hours)
Unlimited exposures, 80-100 selections
Web gallery
Low-Rez 4×6 proofs
Web use images sized for casting sites


One background
Three outfits (up to 2 hours)
Unlimited exposures, 40-50 selections
Web gallery
Low-Rez 4×6 proofs
Web use images sized for casting sites

*Hi-Rez images are retouched and purchased separately.
*The same packages are offered at discounted rates if you shoot with my associate (view his portfolio).
*Ask about our couple or friend session discounts.

Please call for detailed pricing information and let us know who we may thank for the referral.


How many people a day do you photograph?
Usually one.  Rarely two.  But don’t worry, you’ll never feel rushed or run into another client.

Do you use natural light or studio lighting?
I use natural lighting for both environmental and in-studio setups.

Are your sessions indoors or outdoors?
Both. Half indoors and half outdoors (weather permitting).

Do you provide professional makeup & hair and do I have to use your people?
Yes I provide a professional makeup artist, I require you use my peeps.  I require it for women and highly recommend it for men. What’s that you ask?  Why do I require it for women and why do you have to use my makeup artist?  To ensure that I’m working with my efficient team, trained based on my needs, so that I’m able to deliver results consistent with what you see in my portfolio and give you the best experience possible. My makeup artists stay with you the duration of your session.
Arrive with your hair already styled the way you like and makeup will apply a light touch up.

What is your availability?
I’m booked roughly 2-4 weeks in advance.

When can we have a consultation?
My hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm.
I’m available for a phone consultation anytime that’s convenient for you (you’ll have my cell phone number).
Due to time constraints (and flaky people), there is a $50 charge for a half hour in person meeting but if you really want to meet face to face, consider Skype instead of phoning me. My Skype name is vaniepoyey and I don’t need to be a contact for you to call me. If I’m at my desk, I’ll answer!

What kind of clothing should I bring to my headshot session?
A wardrobe guideline is emailed to you once you a book a session with me. You can also receive our very detailed wardrobe tips by filling out the “Wardrobe Tips” form.  You may also want to browse my blog for visual references on specific looks and wardrobe ideas.  Each marketing look is labeled, making it easy to identify what clothing to pair with each look.

Anything else I should know about?
Well since you asked…  to reserve a date on the calendar, I take a non refundable $150 reservation fee which applies towards your session.   Don’t worry, you’ll receive a complete list of my Terms & Conditions when you book your session, before paying your deposit.  It outlines everything from how I handle re-shoot requests, time allotted for each package & my policies on cancellations. Oh and a little personal tid bit, I prefer email over texts because I can’t mark a text as unread and seem to forget about them!

*Because answers to some questions are often individual and vary for each person, any other questions can be answered with a quick phone call.

Whew, okay that was a lot of info, but are you ready now?  Great!  Please contact me by phone or by email and let’s get this party started!

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