Six Tips Demystifying Wardrobe for Headshots

With all the insight I provide during our consultation, the wardrobe guideline I send upon booking a headshot session, the wardrobe tips with samples, and all the sample photos underneath my blog [...]

The $200 Headshot

I recently had a phone conversation with an actress who had just spent $150 on headshots but her agents were not happy with the shots.  After seeing them, they suggested she get headshots taken [...]

Agents and Managers Tell Us What They Look For In a Headshot

How to stay in the “Safe Zone” with your wardrobe choices.

Headshots taken by LA Headshot Photographer, Vanie Poyey If your headshot package includes four outfits, you should bring four outfits right?  Wrong!  I stress this over and over during my [...]

4 Tips When Hiring a Stylist

Hopefully you’ve done your research before your headshot session: you’ve determined your marketing looks and put together the proper wardrobe for each look.  If you’ve already [...]