When You Hire a Photographer, What They Do Is What You Get

I recently had the unfortunate luck of shooting with a client who should have hired another photographer.  I’ll explain in a moment, but first, here’s what I’ve learned over the [...]

Headshot Horror and How to Deal With It: Advice from a Fellow Thespian.

LA Headshots by Vanie Poyey Guest Blog by my client Joanna Kelly Born and raised in Houston, Texas and a graduate of New York University, Joanna Kelly now resides in Los Angeles where she works [...]

My Agent Recommended the Photographer, Now He Doesn’t Like the Headshots

Headshots LA  and blog by Vanie Poyey So you go get yourself some awesome headshots.  You go home full of excitement, you look through all the photos, and you do what we all do when looking at [...]

Think twice before you get that “quick set of headshots”

Blog and images by Headshot Photographer Vanie Poyey When I hear “I need a quick set of headshots”, I think “when are headshots ever quick if done right? Never!” If you’re [...]

What should a great headshot look like?

Los Angeles Headshots taken by Vanie Poyey The short answer?  You!  A great headshot should represent you in your own market.  Pretty obvious right?  You’d be surprised how many actors [...]