Do your headshots make you look GREEN?

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The most important thing to convey in your headshot.

LA Headshot Photography by Vanie Poyey I was asked to contribute to a Backstage West column called “Ask A Photographer”. Halley Bondy, one of the news reporters from Backstage West [...]

What should I bring to my headshot session?

Headshot Wardrobe Tips by Vanie Poyey Trends have changed in LA. Used to be that headshots were in black and white. Used to be that three quarter head shots were it. Digital advancements in both [...]

How to get into the right doors in Hollywood.

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How NOT to get lost in Hollywood.

Actor and Actress Headshots by Vanie Poyey I introduced a friend of mine to a manager that I work with because I thought each party might benefit from working with one another.  I wished her good [...]