Does “type” matter for print work?

Lifestyle Photographer Vanie Poyey Absolutely!  When taking images for zed cards It’s still important to consider your target market.  Print models need to put together a variety of images [...]

What should your primary dating photo look like?

Internet Dating Photography As much as full body and 3/4 shots are important for secondary  images, your online dating headshots are even more important for your primary photo. Since most primary [...]

Three Online Dating Photo Tips for Women

Online Dating Photos 1. Keep makeup minimal.  You don’t want your dating headshots to look overproduced or it will give the impression you’re trying too hard.   Consider hiring a [...]

Are you putting your best face forward?

Internet dating photos are the new rage!  On a date, we always put our best foot forward but before going on that date, how about putting up your best photo?  When dating online, people  look for [...]