The $200 Headshot

I recently had a phone conversation with an actress who had just spent $150 on headshots but her agents were not happy with the shots.  After seeing them, they suggested she get headshots taken [...]

If you don’t know your “type” before your headshot session, then you might as well throw money out the door!

One of  Top Headshot Photographers Vanie Poyey blogs… While perusing Backstage West online, a great resource for novice actors, I stumbled upon an article on “How to find your Type [...]

I’m published! The new book about how to succeed as creatives in an evolving business climate!

Last year the book ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography was released!  To sum it up, this book is about changes in our industry due to technology, economy, the internet and what we can do to [...]

Why does my headshot photography package not include RAW files?

Headshot Photographers Los Angeles: “Why?” you ask,  “why does my headshot photographer not want to give me a CD of high resolution files that I can go do as I please with?  [...]

Trip to Japan

My trip to Tokyo and how my Canon camera shorted out.