Epson R2400 Watercolor paper grayed out

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The other day I changed the Photo Black Ink for my Epson 2400 to Matt Black.  I wanted to print one of my projects on watercolor paper.  Unlike the old 2200, the 2400 does not require you to delete the printer from the printer list, turn off the printer, turn on the printer and re-add the printer again.  Instead, the 2400 only requires that you “confirm” the new ink.  On a Mac, all you have to do is go to the Printer Setup Utility, select the Stylus Photo R2400 from the list and click on Utility button.  Then, click the Epson Status Monitor and click on the black ink cartridge to verify the new ink.

If after you have verified your ink, you are still unable to print on the appropriate paper, then Epson doesn’t make it easy to figure out why.  When I went to print on Watercolor paper, the paper profile would show up (under “printer profile” when you hit print), however when I continued to print, and went to  “print settings”, the watercolor paper was grayed out under “media type”.  It took me a while to figure it out.  Turns out that the printer driver the 2400 was printing from was somehow incorrect.  Once I downloaded the correct driver, I was able to see all the media types in the drop down!



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