The last of the series from Aleppo are my favorites!

On our way to the Olive Factory that my uncle works at, we did a bit of sightseeing by exploring the villages nearby.  I love the city of Aleppo, but driving through the villages was a lot more fulfilling for me as a photographer.



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This “officer” was not waiving at me, instead he was telling me to stop taking his picture.  It’s a good thing I had family with me who could speak the language and diffuse the situation.  I clearly ignored his request…not the safest thing to do but anything for a good picture!





These children were just let out of school.  They love having their photos taken!


Stay tuned for images from Rome, Italy coming soon!

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  • Tom K.

    These are gorgeous. Really makes me want to visit there.

  • Slobodan Santrac

    They are awesome, great great job!

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