Online dating profile pictures are the new rage!  On a date, we always put our best foot forward but before going on that date, how about putting up your best photo?  When dating online, people  look for consistency in your images.  Do you look similar in most of your photos?  Do you show a range of images from close ups to 3/4 and full body shots?  Do you only have one good photo posted, leaving people wondering if that is the only good photo ever taken of you?  My approach to online dating photos is to shoot a variety of candid images that show you on your best day! I’m not a fan of over produced images that paint too glamorous an image and lie about what you look like.  Candid shots, similar to lifestyle images, give the illusion that you just happen to look really great in a snapshot even though the photo was taken professionally!  Posting at least five different images, including close ups and body shots, lets potential dates get a good sense of what you look like with your best face forward!

The following images were taken during a session with Xibin Wu!


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Online Dating Photos

Xibin Wu Photo

Xibin Wu Photos

Xibin Wu Photo

Xibin Wu Photo

Xibin Wu Online Dating Photo

Xibin Wu Online Dating Photos

Xibin Wu Photo

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    I never actually thought about how important making your profile pics unique to each other to show your personality through the images you choose.

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