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Dan here was an old client.

He decided he was in the market for new headshots again. For some reason or another, he assumed I was out of his price range.

He was going to choose a “cheaper” photographer.

I was deeply hurt that he would go and cheat on me without even having a discussion. Men. Isn’t that so typical? So I decided to open up the dialogue myself, and find out what was troubling Dan and why he was willing to stray so easily.

Turns out it wasn’t me, it was him (it’s always them of course!). Come to find out I am in his price range. What Dan didn’t realize is that as a returning client, he was entitled to some perks! Hopefully, most photographers reward loyalty the same way I do.

Lesson here is, communicate with the photographer you were happy with in the past. You never know the options available to you!


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actress headshot

Mandy Lee Rubio: Detective / Girl Next Door

portrait photographersAlana Ogio: Hipster / Best Friend / Intern

actress headshotMasen Faison: Creative Professional / Heroine / Girls’ Night Out / Love Interest

headshot photoAmanda Martin: Quirky Secretary / Young Mom / Anti-Heroine

commercial headshot

Mike Guerra: Hipster / Casual Dad / Detective

character headshot

Elizabeth Blanco: Fashionista / Badass / Orange is the New Black

quirky headshot

Michela Crayton: Student

actor headshot

Anthony Morales: Street Smart / Studious / Edgy

headshot photographer

Giselle Marie: Computer Tech / Young Mom / Blue Collar

actress headshot

Jasmine Atkins: Love Interest / Casual Business / Victim

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