Los Angeles Photographer Vanie Poyey shares… Okay I know this is silly but I just had to share.  My client Lynne Drabkowski (as seen in this BLOG) asked me to photograph her cat, and being [...]

Are Headshots your “Golden Ticket”?

Photos by Professional Headshot Photographer in LA:  Vanie Poyey Guest Blog by Kathy L. Young © Erin Sullivan Talent Manager and Career Coach Kathy L. Young has a passion for educating and [...]

Do you know what you’re selling?

Headshot Photography & blog by Vanie Poyey Or do you try to figure out what others want to buy and conform to become attractive to them? Last month I had two clients both just getting their [...]

Do you celebrate the success of others?

Headshot Photography by Vanie Poyey Or do you run off to your little corner jealous and resentful because you haven’t yet achieved the same success?   A friend and colleague, Blake Discher [...]