Lifestyle Photographer

Vanie Poyey

Absolutely!  When taking images for zed cards It’s still important to consider your target market.  Print models need to put together a variety of images that display their marketing range so when working as a print model, it’s important to know your type.  For example if you’re short, it may not be a good idea to have high fashion photos taken of yourself.  Conversely if you’re tall and thin, you probably don’t want to focus on Lifestyle but instead on fashion.   Can you label the following images? “Like” if you can!

Stunt Woman Photos

Audi Resendez: Stuntwoman

stunt woman images

Audi Resendez: Stuntwoman

Yoga Image

Jessica Noboa: Yoga Image

Yoga Photos

Allison Bernal: Yoga Image

Lifestyle Images

Adam Wang: Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle Images in the Park

Sara: Lifestyle

Lifestyle Images at the park

Kaitlin: Lifestyle

Beauty Images

Allison Bernal: Beauty

Beauty Images

Allison Bernal: Beauty



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