*A quick note (02-12-11): Since this blog was posted, I spoke with Margaux’s agent and not only did he not make the blackberry comment, but he was unaware of her emails and complaints to me.  Lesson learned.  Always keep communication lines open because when someone makes false accusations about you, more than likely they are making false statements about others as well.*

Margaux Macgregor’s photo session was in July of 2010.  In Jan of 2011, I received an email from Margaux saying that both she and her agent thought the backgrounds were generic and that she could have used more makeup.  Her agent told her that he could take a better picture with a Blackberry.  From there the emails continued and they weren’t kind.

As hurtful as this and her other comments were, I reminded Margaux that I shoot digitally and give my clients the opportunity to review their images during the shoot.   The backgrounds and makeup were approved by her the day of the session.

If the client had no objections during the shoot, are we responsible for reading an agent’s mind if he/she wasn’t present at the shoot but then didn’t like the chosen backgrounds and makeup?  Are these photos consistent with what is represented in my body of work?  What do you think?

This client wrote a pretty hurtful review on Yelp.  If you’re a Vanie Poyey Photography client, please feel free to review us with your experience!

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