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Guest Blog by Blake J. Discher, a Detroit people photographer, SEO consultant, speaker and author of Stop Your Grumbling, Get Out There! The Essential Guide: Networking to Improve Your Bottom Line.

This following is a short but sweet, to the point blog taken from the Groozi website (with permission of course) where Blake J. Discher blogs about his expertise, sales and negotiating. Not only is this blog helpful for my corporate clients who are often entrepreneurs starting their own businesses but also actors who are in the business of marketing themselves.  It makes you think about how you’re packaged to your potential clients or to the people who hire you.

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I’m writing a book,

and find myself leaving my office to write at a local coffee shop, where I can be singularly-focused on the project. While there this morning, it occurred to me how unappealing their baked goods looked, and why.

The shop’s competitor is Starbucks, just 4 doors down. I prefer this shop because it has less traffic and is quieter than Starbucks– not to mention, they make great coffee!

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Amanda Fessenden and Bret Fausett : Internet Pro

BUT I’VE NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING OUT OF THEIR PASTRY CASE. Why? Because all their offerings are wrapped in plastic wrap.

It looks horrible!

My brain thinks anything plastic-wrapped was packaged the day before, and was encased in a polyester tomb so they could squeeze an extra day of “freshness” out of it. Not only that, but the frosting or glaze on any pastry is going to stick to the wrapper when I open it… ugh! Starbucks, on the other hand, presents all of their baked goods unwrapped. They’re fresh. They’re appealing. I buy them.

Corporate Headshots

Denise Winston: Money Start Here

How are you packaged?

Is your website a boring template? Hope not. Does it look fresh? Hope so. Does it have big pictures? It better– potential clients want to see large, in-your face images. Can a viewer fly through 5 or 6 images in 5 seconds? They should– web usability expert Jakob Nielsen (website, opens in new window) says visitors to your website will give you eight seconds (yes eight!) of their attention to locate what they’re looking for.

SO ASK YOURSELF: How are you “packaged”? Are you a muffin in plastic-wrap? Or are you a baked-fresh, pleasing-to-look-at, delicious, gotta-have-it slice of lemon poppy seed cake?

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Thomas Godwin & Steven Heath: Godwinheath, LLP


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