I decided to make the running theme in Part II, the subways.  The subways in Tokyo are beyond this world.  There are areas where you’ll find yourself four floors below ground, where there are three floors above you with different lines going to different areas of the city.  Other times you’ll find yourself three floors above ground going through skyscrapers in the subway!

Poor Joe, not only did he have to work the whole trip with the exception of about three days, he was also very ill…all because of me.  I gave him the bug I had just before leaving.

Joe in our hotel room, sick in bed.


My Mom and Joe at Ginza in Tokyo.  This famous street is Ginza Dori, where on weekends cars are banned from the streets, creating “hokousha tengoku” (pedestrian heaven) just for shopping!


Rush hour in Tokyo.


We felt like sardines in the subway.


Girls who work on the bullet train.



One of the traditional foods born from tea ceremonies is called Kaiseki.  Kaiseki is a ten course meal, sort of like tapas, that should take about two and a half hours to get through.  In fact it’s rude to rush or to even leave a single bite on your plate.  We decided to visit a Michelin rated Kaiseki restaurant, Joe and I had been to the year before.  Turned out their Michelin rating was taken away this year, and the food was no longer great…but it looked good!  After that night I was determined to find a good Kaiseki restaurant to give my Mom the proper experience.


From up above, the subways that go through the city.


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  • Lanelle Scott

    Stunning Vanie, really beautiful pictures. You are so talented!

  • Gerry Katzman

    way cool homeslice

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