While the theme in Part II was “Subways”, Part III from our trip to Japan is mostly filled with Temples and Gardens.

Below is one of the many temples we saw at the large cemetary in Ueno Tokyo.  I also have some images of different temples in Ueno from my previous trip to Japan here.

Ueno homes a massive 36 temples, as well as a few shrines, and it is most famous for Tokyo’s first public park Ueno Koen (Ueno Park).



My Mom and I were hungry and tired after exploring the massive cemetery full of Temples.  We stopped at an unassuming store-front with cat paraphernalia in the window.  Being cat lovers ourselves, we were curious as to what this store sold.  Upon entering, we discovered a cute little cafe and home for three cats belonging to the Cafe owner.  No Health Department stopping the Japanese from loving their cats in Japan!  Cats are considered good luck.



The old streets of Ueno were by far the most interesting to explore.


A small laundromat and my Mom on the right.


This Temple is located in the Ueno park surrounded by lotus plants…yes the same plants that make lotus roots served in Japanese restaurants.


The park and the crow.


The lotus plants.


More lotus plants.


Kitty at the park.  Being the owner of four cats…I can’t resist.


There was a cute little flea market set up at the park on this particular day.



Part IV coming soon!

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