As we made our way to Kyoto, we stopped for two days in a town called Fukui.

That’s where Joe was an invited speaker at a conference.

Fukui was unbelievably beautiful, not only because it was off the beaten track, but because it was full of Shrines tucked away in all corners of the old city.  Unfortunately I lost my little map and can’t tell you what these Shrines were named or where they were exactly.










When I tried to get the front desk at the hotel to help me get a cab to the “old city” (clearly marked on my little map), they kept telling me there is “nothing to see” in the old city of Fukui.

Little did they understand that I wanted to take pictures of what they consider to be “nothing”.

Below, a typical site in front of small homes in the old city.

A man in front of his house, in the old city.

A tour we came across in the old city!  And they told me there was nothing to see…

And of course the kitty in the old city.

We finally made it to Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.

Below, is the view from the famous Kyoto Tower right in front of Kyoto station.

In-between the two bars on the left, looking down where the green trees are, is the entrance to Higashi Honganji,  one of the largest temples we visited!


The entrance to Higashi Honganji where we made our way after visiting the tower.


Inside the massive temple, where I couldn’t take pictures upon entering.


Below is the entrance to the temple, looking out from the inside.

The temple itself was not that impressive from my point of view because there was a lot of construction around it.

So this is all you get folks!


More Kyoto photos to come…

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