Kyoto’s main food market, Nishiki-koji is located in the center of the city, downtown.

There is much to see and taste at this famous market stretching over four blocks.

Some of the food may be familiar, while most of it is somewhat of a mystery.  There were plenty of samples to try before you buy.  Naturally, we couldn’t help ourselves, and bought some things we don’t quite know what to do with!

My mom at the end of the five block stretch.


Downtown Kyoto was by far the best place for quality antique stores (none of which we could afford), as well as quality mementos.

A small shop where we bought a souvenir.


A Chinese antique dealer examining a piece in an antique store.


Although Kyoto is the old capital of Japan, I found the city to be more modern and the people more hip than Tokyo.

Below, making cookies while we watch through the glass windows on the main shopping thoroughfare, Shijo Dori, in downtown Kyoto.


The streets of Kyoto, no less busy than Tokyo.


The hipster on his bike.


Looking down from the bridge off of Shijo-Dori, overlooking the Kamogawa River…where, dare I say, young lovers chill.


A monk on the bridge.


Some tents along the river…don’t know why.


The inner streets of downtown, off the beaten track.


Since we were doing a lot of walking, I didn’t want to burden myself with too much equipment on this trip.  One camera body and three lenses were more than enough!

Since I had no flash and no tripod, I decided to finally put the high ISO capabilities of my Canon 5D Mark II to the test.

It was nearly dark and below is an image I shot at 12,800 ISO.  Is that even a real number?  Gone are the days of pushing 3200 ISO film by two stops to get this image.


The inner streets were narrow and full of power lines…to me, quite beautiful.


Bellow, I was really pushing my 5D at 12,800 ISO in pitch dark.

The resulting images were too noisy to display without some work in post to clean up the noise.



It is nearly impossible to find a hotel in the city of Kyoto.  We had no choice but to stay a half hour away in Osaka, so we had to take the train back every day.  Upon arriving at the Kyoto Station in the evening, we found ourselves watching some sort of orchestra.  They were actually quite impressive to say the least.


The last of Kyoto is yet to come!

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