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*A quick note (02-12-11): Since this blog was posted, I spoke with Margaux’s agent and not only did he not make the blackberry comment, but he was unaware of her emails and complaints to me.  Lesson learned.  Always keep communication lines open because when someone makes false accusations about you, more than likely they are making false statements about others as well.*

Margaux Macgregor’s photo session was in July of 2010.  In Jan of 2011, I received an email from Margaux saying that both she and her agent thought the backgrounds were generic and that she could have used more makeup.  Her agent told her that he could take a better picture with a Blackberry.  From there the emails continued and they weren’t kind.

As hurtful as this and her other comments were, I reminded Margaux that I shoot digitally and give my clients the opportunity to review their images during the shoot.   The backgrounds and makeup were approved by her the day of the session.

If the client had no objections during the shoot, are we responsible for reading an agent’s mind if he/she wasn’t present at the shoot but then didn’t like the chosen backgrounds and makeup?  Are these photos consistent with what is represented in my body of work?  What do you think?

This client wrote a pretty hurtful review on Yelp.  If you’re a Vanie Poyey Photography client, please feel free to review us with your experience!



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  • Tom K.

    With that kind of attitude she will fail in show business.

    These head shots are outstanding. These are vintage Vanie Poyey images. What could she possibly have been expecting? A review of your other head shot work show these photos to be in the same tradition. I personally find them very compelling. Magnetic really. I would call her for a reading if I were casting a movie based on the photos above.

    • admin

      Well thank you Tom!

  • Alan Bernhoft

    The agent and actress are idiots. The shots are great. I do casting now and then. Backgrounds are completely irrelevant and make-up these days is absolute minimal. Everyone is after the most natural look possible. I know from experience that you’re thick-skinned, so don’t dwell on it. My guess is the agent isn’t getting her anything and blames the headshots.

    • admin

      Good to know Alan. Thanks for the reassuring words. I think I was dwelling only because her false accusations on Yelp really hurt to read!

  • Harmony

    Compelling, magnetic, energetic photos! They stand out, the lighting is just beautiful, and the colors are vibrant. Sensational work, Vanie!

  • Gigi

    Of course it would hurt, you are human not a machine. But, consider the source and the fact that she waited so long to air her concern/grievance. Not only that, there is nothing wrong with the pictures they are 100 percent professional and she looks pretty in them. I saw her model mayhem pictures. If you see those pictures then you know that she has a false sense of what professional head shots look like. That juvenile comment about taking better pictures with a blackberry is just that – childish and untrue. I spoke to you on the phone a couple of times and am waiting until I can afford to take some head shots with you. You seem like a fantastic lady, an incredible photographer, and one who certainly listens to the client!

    • admin

      Wow thank you for the overwhelming support guys!

  • Melinda

    I wouldn’t worry about what that 1 person says. Your photos have their own signiture and stand out from the hundreds of other photographers. I can look at a pic and tell that it’s 1 of yours just because of the energy of the actor in the shot. You take the time to bring out the personality of the actor in your photos and it shows. Far from generic! Don’t worry I and I’m sure many of your other happy clients recommend you all the time.

  • k.

    if she’s not working, it’s her own damn fault. those are great pictures!

    giving her a teensy bit of credit, however, being an actor is so difficult and everyone, EVERYONE has an opinion about what isn’t working and what to do differently to make it work.

    but you shouldn’t for an instant think it’s on your shoulders.

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