Headshots of Kayvon by Vanie Poyey


Kayvon came on board as my associate a little over a year ago and dare I say no one else in his price range comes close to emulating my style?  If you like my headshots but don’t have the budget to shoot with me (yet) then consider shooting with Kayvon.  His prices are $200 less than mine and though we don’t typically do discounts on his packages because they are already discounted we are doing a special now!  A little about Kayvon…he’s also a fellow working actor (with some great advice too!-read his Three Tips to Help you Book the Job) and was my client oh, maybe 10 years ago now!  Wow, am I really old enough to say that?  I digress, Kayvon’s been shooting for five years and when he came on board, he trained with me so he picked up a few of my tips and tricks along the way!  We share our studio and work hand in hand together on all kinds of projects.  So take a look at his work HERE and if you like it, mention this blog and share this post on your Facebook before July 31st, 2012 to receive a $50 discount for booking with him!  Give me a call for your phone consultation and be sure to friend me on FB so I can see your share!  You have until July 31st to book!

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Kayvon as Young Dad & Young Professional…or maybe Clark Kent.

Edgy/Hip CW

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