What’s the worst thing that could happen when you travel overseas? Your SLR camera breaks the second day you get to your destination. And then your point and shoot camera breaks. I guess I wasn’t meant to take pictures in Tokyo but I did manage to snap a few, though not much, before the unfortunate “incident”.

Back on September 19th, 2008, I had taken my Canon EOS 5D to Tokyo. Extremely enthusiastic about capturing my adventures, after “taking in” the city without my camera on the first day, on my second day, I set out to capture all the bustling and busy streets of Tokyo. At an intersection near Shinjuku Station, I took out my 16-35 2.8 wide angle lens and as I mounted it on the camera, I felt something strange as if the lens didn’t quite stop where it was supposed to. Next thing you know, my camera is dead. My Canon EOS 5D won’t turn on no matter what I do. I changed the battery, nothin’. Changed the CF card (just in case) and nothin’ again. In a panic, I spent almost the whole evening searching for a solution online and of course for the biggest camera store in Tokyo. My findings on the web only confirmed my suspicion that the camera had shorted. I was ready to buy a camera there. Who cares if I wouldn’t get a US warranty, I had to take pictures right? Unfortunately Bic Camera (where I managed to end up) had cameras priced well beyond the change I had in my lil ol pockets. Seems with the week dollar, and with the exorbitant prices in Japan, on average about three times as much as what I would pay here, I just couldn’t afford a camera. So my trip to Tokyo lives in my heart. Yes there was an attempt to take pictures with a disposable but that ended with me killing the disposable.

Upon my return, I sent my camera to CPS and turns out the stop screw on my lens was missing. The screw that stops it from rotating all the way down upon mounting. Indeed my lens rotated a little too far to the right and it shorted my camera. Canon took care of the camera as it was under warranty (only a few months old) and even took care of putting the stop screw on my lens! Go Canon. If as a canon shooter, you’re not a CPS member already, you should be!

Temple in Ueno Tokyo

At the Temple

Lunch at the Temple

Streets of Ueno

Stroll through Ueno

At the Fishmarket

At the famous Fish Market

Ready for the kill at the Fishmarket

Ready for the kill at the Fish Market

Tasting at the market

Tasting at the market


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  • Shannon Renee

    These are JUST beautiful Vanie!!! What you were able to capture is just stunning. I guess you’ll just have to go back!

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