Can a Selfie be Used as a Professional Headshot?

Professional Business Headshot Los Angeles – by Vanie Poyey

When it comes to choosing a good business headshot, there are many factors to consider. Should you go with a traditional photograph, or experiment with something new, like a selfie?

I’m going to cut right to the chase here– sure, you can use a selfie for your business headshot, but if you take your career seriously, I highly recommend that you don’t do this. Why?

  • Intent. Selfies are wonderful for documenting personal life events, sharing with friends and family, and updating your social media profiles… but that’s not what you’re after! Corporate headshots are best thought of as a marketing tool– you are advertising yourself with the intent of attracting employers and clients. You want to look like the professional that you are- invested in your career.
  • Quality. Mobile phone cameras have come a long way, but they’re not even close to professional equipment. Because selfies are typically taken up close and personal, it can cause the subject (you) to look much wider than in real life, which isn’t going to do you any favors as far as having a shot that accurately represents you. Additionally, most selfies are not lit with professional lighting causing shadows that are not very flattering.
  • Final result. Selfies from mobile phones have low resolution compared to pro cameras, which makes them very limited in how they scale. If you intend to use your shots on brochures, posters, or even at a larger scale on the web, the quality loss will be obvious. These low-resolution images also severely limit what can be done to post-process the photo should you want to clean up any blemishes, lines, or color issues.

If you’re serious about your business photos, avoid selfies– your best bet would be hiring a pro! We use dedicated, professional equipment and our years of experience to help you capture the right look and feel for your brand, while ensuring that you’re looking your best.

Have you ever used a selfie for your corporate headshot? What was your experience?


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