What Makes a Good Corporate Headshot?

Corporate Headshot Photographer Los Angeles – blog by Vanie Poyey

If you’re like most business professionals, you know that a good headshot is crucial for your career. But what makes a good business headshot? Is it the lighting? The angle? The outfit? In this post, I’ll break down what makes a great corporate headshot and give you some tips on how to achieve it yourself.

  • Flattering lighting. If you’re an actor or model, dramatic lighting can be a great asset depending on what you’re wanting to convey in the look– with few exceptions, when it comes to BUSINESS portraits, you want shots that are evenly well-lit and make it easy to identify you. Strong light and shadow can distort facial features and prevent potential employers or clients from being able to recognize who you are.
  • Wardrobe. What you wear can make all the difference between a bad headshot and a good one. Stick to well-fitting clothing with solid colors or simple patterns that don’t distract from your face. Keep hairstyles simple, and if possible, consider using a professional makeup artist for your shoot. Makeup should be kept light and natural so it enhances your appearance without totally changing it.
  • Personality and warmth. Yes, it’s a business portrait, but that doesn’t mean the shots need to be generic and lifeless– in fact, that can be a major turn-off to potential clients. Your headshot needs to present you as an approachable and likeable person to work with. At our studio, we direct you by playing games with you which takes the pressure off of you, allowing you to relax and let your personality come through while still remaining professional.

Remember– it’s all about portraying the right image for your brand. A professional photographer who understands how to capture the essence of your business will be able to help you create a variety of images that represent you in the best possible light.


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