What is the Best Color to Wear for Professional Los Angeles Corporate Headshots?

Los Angeles Business Portrait Photo  – by Vanie Poyey

Are you in the market for a new business headshot? While there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect look, one of the most important is what color clothes to wear. Let’s talk about it for a moment!

While there’s no “ultimate” best color when it comes to corporate headshots, there ARE colors that are a better fit over others, and it really boils down to color theory. For example:

  • Dark colors: perceived as formal and authoritative
  • Light/muted colors: come across as more conservative, friendly, and approachable
  • Bright/vibrant colors: tend to convey energy and confidence

In general, you’ll want to stick to neutral colors that contrast with your skin tone—if you have lighter skin, opt for darker neutrals, and vice versa.  Avoid bright colors UNLESS they clarify your brand. If you opt to use them in your shots, your best bet is to include them as a pop of color under a dark suit jacket, for example. For any headshot, bright colors tend to distract from your face, so they should be used as accessories, rather than features.

Similar to keeping the use of bright colors to a minimum, you also want to try to stick to solids and simple patterns. Busy patterns are not only distracting, but can also lead to unpleasant optical effects that appear in the photograph that may not be perceived in-person.

At the end of the day, what color you should wear for your business headshot is totally up to you! Hopefully this article gives you a great place to start. By keeping these general guidelines in mind, you can put your best foot forward with a stunning headshot.​



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