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Guest Blog by Jodie Bentley from the Savvy Actor

The following blog is actually a video by The Savvy Actor.

The Savvy Actor teaches Branding and Business fundamentals to artists. Their mission is for actors to become successful, savvy business people empowered with the skills necessary to compete in the biz today. Savvy Actors are armed with a reason, a purpose, and a strategy to empower themselves to think like small business owners, and to merge career and life to realize their dreams with abundance and success

Ever want something so badly that you feel you suffocate it? We all have. Watch The Savvy Actor tip on how NOT to do that.


Check out their website for more great articles, video tips, and free tools to jump start the business side of your acting career.


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actor headshotTyler Tackett: Sons of Anarchy / FBI Agent / Boxerla actorsJanine Oda: FBI Agent / Creative Professional / Hipster / BBQ Momcharacter headshotChiara Maya: Upscale Business / Office Girl / Tom Boycommercial headshot

Bruce Clifford: Upscale Business / Casual Dad

la actors

Ryan Christie: Gamer / Power Business / Creative Professional

headshot photo

Jason King: Stock Broker / Bad Guy / BBQ Dadtheatrical headshot

Zach Silverman: BBQ Dad / Anti-Hero / Programmer

headshot photographer

Rucci Amber: Girl Next Door / Brandon Begg: Computer Tech / Emilia Rajek: Love Interest

headshots in la

Carolina Yosorio: Latina Mom / Business / Blue Collar

actress headshots

Heather Wake: Fashionista / Heroine / Creative Professional

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