For a Speedy Workflow with Consistently Vibrant Results


• images shot in available light
• in different lighting conditions
• with different backgrounds

Pack Includes

• 1 Main Develop Preset

• 20 Quick Fix Develop Presets

• 16 Selective Adjustment Brush Presets (available only for Classic)

• Download and Installation Instructions

• Our Step-by-Step Editing Workflow

• Our Step-by-Step Instructions for Use of Each Preset



  • Wow, Wow, WOW!
    I have been a natural light photographer for many years and has a very specific way of editing. I recently started shooting studio style portraits, Headshots, etc. The way that I edit for my outdoor photography just does not work when it comes to studio photography. I have been brainstorming and searching for ideas on how to edit my studio portraits in a way that still adds vibrance and pop to the portraits. These presets did not disappoint. They bring out the vibrancy and pop all while maintaining a clean edit. Often I see headshots that just fall flat, but these presets truly make all the difference.On top of the presets being amazing, when I first purchased them I had a little bit of trouble. I sent an email asking for help and was given great direction and the quick response. I really super appreciate the communication, so thank you. I’m excited to get to work on studio photography and implementing these presets into my workflow.

  • Game Changer
    These make my workflow SO much faster and easier! I love! My style is similar to Vanie's anyway, so getting these presets and actions was a no-brainer, but they are even better than I'd hoped.

  • Wow! Great Presets anyone can use!
    These Presets have been an amazing addition to my editing arsenal. They help make my photos pop and stand out with a few simple clicks. Vanie is a true genius and a powerhouse when it comes to photography so I expect no less from her and her products😊 thanks Vanie!

  • Preset that you can actually use!
    These are great presets that perform exactly as described and offer beautiful vibrant results. It's great to see my images finally pop!

  • You need this!
    If you want that 'wow' factor. If you want to stand out. If you want to be your parents' favorite, then you need these presets. This has streamlined my workflow and given me that extra pop my images were missing. Thanks, Vanie!

  • From beg to pro with this preset Pack
    I am beyond excited with this preset pack. I just started doing headshots for friends and had no idea how to even begin retouching. So happy that I came across VPP! It makes me look like a complete pro when in reality I am such an amateur. Excited to continue leveling up.This has made it so easy for me!

  • Love them!
    Having these presets to play with really helped me up my headshot game and make my images stand out for my clients. Worth every penny.

  • Great Presets!
    Looking for a clean portrait preset to help with my headshot work and these really did the trick. With the layering options of adjustments, it really helps to get the exact look you are going for. So happy to have found these!

  • Pop I've Been Looking For!
    I've been editing photos for a little while and have been figuring it out through trial and error, but this Preset Pack has instantly leveled up my photos and is SO EASY TO USE! This pack is fantastic!!

  • Presets!
    I just have to say that these are absolutely gorgeous presets and they really make headshots pop. A simple instructional guide was included in the pack as well, which was great. I'm super happy I purchased these from Vanie. She has been so great with communication too and has answered all of my questions :) I highly recommend these presets to any photographer looking to add vibrancy to their photos. Such a good investment. Beautiful!

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Are these presets right for me?

• No if you are not a photographer! Yes if you are a pro or a pro wanna be😉 and you want to save time while creating awesome images!

If you are a portrait photographer who works with available light and you haven’t figured out how to make your editing process efficient or how to make your images pop, these presets are for you. The VPP Headshot Pack will give you the tools for a speedy workflow with consistently vibrant results regardless of the lighting conditions or backgrounds you use.

If you are NOT a photographer and you believe downloading these presets will make your own images better, you will be in over your head. PLEASE DON’T BUY! There are no refunds, no exceptions.


How do these presets work?

Detailed instructions are included with your purchase.

First, you’ll need to manually batch adjust white balance and exposure for each lighting setup.

Next, with our main preset applied to all your images, giving you a base to work from, the rest of our presets are one click “quick fixes” to modify the main preset for each batch. You may further modify each quick-fix to your preference.

Finally, our selective brush presets are there to help you fine tune each lighting setup to perfection.


What software do I need to use these presets?

Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC or Lightroom Mobile.

The VPP Headshot Pack is created for batch processing photo shoots in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, or Lightroom Mobile though they can work in Photoshop ACR as well. *Note that Lightroom CC does not support custom brush presets and only supports develop presets.


What file types work with these presets?

It depends on desktop vs. mobile.

For desktop use, these presets are created strictly for RAW or DNG file formats sourced from pro or pro-sumer cameras. For phone use, they work with both RAW and JPEG images.


How do I download the presets?

Using the link we send you.

After purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page which has your download link. A confirmation email is also sent with the link. The download link expires in 72 hours and is limited to one download per order.


How do I install the presets?

•Installation instructions are included with your download files.


What if I don’t like the presets, can I get a refund?

• Short answer is no.

Due to the nature of downloaded digital content, all purchases are final. We cannot offer refunds for any reason. Of course, if you experience trouble downloading your purchase, we provide support via email.

Pack Includes

• 1 Main Develop Preset

• 20 Quick Fix Develop Presets

• 16 Selective Adjustment Brush Presets (available only for Classic)

• Download and Installation Instructions

• Our Step-by-Step Editing Workflow

• Our Step-by-Step Instructions for Use of Each Preset


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