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When I got fired from my last waitressing job, I couldn’t bear the idea of working at another restaurant ever again. A college dropout, trying to find my way, I was waitressing at night while dabbling in acting and photography during the day.

After losing my “secure” job, I decided to sell my car and put every penny I had (3K at the time) into an ad which would run for six months in what was then the biggest industry newspaper, Backstage West.

That ad which drained my bank account to zero was the scary move that set my life on track to becoming one of the “top” headshot photographers in LA.

Not because it was as easy as putting an ad in the paper, but because I finally decided to listen to the ad reps at Backstage who insisted my random ads won’t work unless I run them consistently. Ah, branding! I would have been able to save myself a lot of heartache from being broke if I had invested in my business a lot sooner. Lesson learned.

Luckily, once leads started to come in consistently, I instinctively understood how to differentiate myself from the competition. I also understood I had to be good at my craft and deliver amazing pictures to convert leads into sales.

Nowadays there are a million avenues to advertise online, with very little capital, making for unimaginable competition, and yet I manage to stay a leader in my field while some of my colleagues have disappeared into oblivion.

I’m not successful in this marketplace because I entered the hustle 20+ years ago.  I’m successful because throughout the years, I stuck to the 5 basic principles I learned which helped shift my mindset from barely surviving to grossing six figures year after year.

During my mentoring session, I share my 5 basic principles:

  1. How to define your differentiation to clients.
  2. How to sell your services, not give away your prices.
  3. How to implement professional business practices.
  4. How to take control of your brand.
  5. How to stay one step ahead of current trends and avoid becoming irrelevant.

Would you like to join our team as an associate?

My mentoring session is for you if you’ve been “getting by” as a headshot or portrait photographer but you can’t seem to figure out how to make a living in a market where everyone with a camera is a “photographer” and can take amazing portraits.

My mentoring session is for you if:

  • You’re uncomfortable talking about pricing.
  • You get nervous charging people enough to make a profit.
  • You don’t feel your clients would pay you more.
  • You give away all your RAW files because you feel pressured to.
  • The competition overwhelms you.
  • You have no idea how to attract business.
  • You don’t have a professional system in place.
  • You don’t use contracts to protect your business.
  • You lose money with constant re-shoot requests.
  • You don’t feel like you’re a good enough photographer.

With a focus on business, this investment will help save you years of learning from your mistakes and set you on the right track to becoming a profit-making business.

Of course nothing is off the table, including the creative side of photography like how to take better pictures, post processing, workflow, equipment, pricing, software, apps, portfolio review, client communication, and whatever else you have questions about.

So be sure to put together a list of questions and topics you’d like to discuss and click the button below to purchase your session!


This session gives you access to our pricing structure and to copies of our top 4 client handouts (not sold in our store) in editable formats as Word documents so you may customize to your heart’s content!

The handouts include:

  • Our Terms and Conditions
  • Our Wardrobe Guide
  • Our Post-Shoot Document
  • Our Preferences for MUAs

I look forward to helping you get on your way to creative fulfillment and financial stability on YOUR terms.

Vanie Poyey

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  • "Vani was great to work with! She really taught me so much about branding and advertising for my business. She really takes her time and makes sure you understand everything. Can't wait to work with her again."
    ~ Shea Anne Studios



• One month, 3 hours.

• In-person or virtual consulting where we discuss how to create financial stability as a portrait photographer.

• Includes our top 4 editable client handouts.

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