Wow, Wow, WOW!

I have been a natural light photographer for many years and has a very specific way of editing. I recently started shooting studio style portraits, Headshots, etc. The way that I edit for my outdoor photography just does not work when it comes to studio photography. I have been brainstorming and searching for ideas on how to edit my studio portraits in a way that still adds vibrance and pop to the portraits. These presets did not disappoint. They bring out the vibrancy and pop all while maintaining a clean edit. Often I see headshots that just fall flat, but these presets truly make all the difference.

On top of the presets being amazing, when I first purchased them I had a little bit of trouble. I sent an email asking for help and was given great direction and the quick response. I really super appreciate the communication, so thank you. I’m excited to get to work on studio photography and implementing these presets into my workflow.