How to alleviate your headshot anxiety

[Los Angeles Headshots by Vanie]

Have you ever seen a friend’s headshot,

fallen in love with the picture, asked who the photographer is, and made an appointment with that photographer, only to get mediocre results and worse yet, a bad experience?

I hear that story frequently.

I also get those phone calls myself, and I stop that potential client from making an appointment and insist on a consultation first.

Headshot Photographers

Jona Xiao: Anti Hero / Regena Robinson: Girl Next Door

Actor's Headshots

Jay John Viera: Urban Hip / Love Interest

FOR ME, IT’S ABOUT SETTING EXPECTATIONS, communicating what the shoot will entail, and preparing myself for any unexpected requests to alleviate any surprises during the session.

For you, it’s about doing your research so that you have confidence in your final choice for a photographer–the key to setting those nerves at ease.


Rhonda Simmons: Girl Next Door / Corinne Shor: Hipster

Falling in love with your friend’s headshot and moving forward with that photographer is HARDLY doing homework!  Anyone can stumble upon a great image now and again, but have you carefully looked through the photographer’s portfolio to see if there is consistency on their site?

Better yet, have you looked at their daily posts on Facebook or on their blog as an indication of what they shoot DAY IN AND DAY OUT?

I showcase some of my favorite and strongest work on my website, but on a daily basis I post a “photo of the day” on Facebook to give my followers a sense of what my work looks like on a regular basis.

Acting Headshots

Andie Ximenes: Profession / Army

Los Angeles Photographers

Ashley Craib: Victim / Sexy

HAVE YOU HAD A CONSULTATION with your photographer for at least 20 minutes, where you’ve had a chance to ask questions and get a sense of what the day will be like?

Do you feel the photographer has outlined their policies and clearly explained their process, as well as what their packages include? Have you read their testimonials or their reviews on Yelp?

Do you feel rushed talking to the photographer? That is usually a good indicator as to what your session will be like.

Is the photographer ACCESSIBLE to you?  Do they answer all your emails in a timely manner?  Do you have their cell phone number so that you are able to reach them with questions?

If you answered no to these last three questions, then it’s a big heads up that the photographer is NOT going to be accessible to you after your shoot either!

If you don’t know the answers to any of the above questions, then haven’t done your homework, and you’ll be nervous leading up to your session.

Acting Headshot

Jane Park Smith: Edgy Hero / Edward Perez: Leading Man

Portrait Photography

Kathryn Young: Victim / Hip Mom

Lifestyle Images

Lisa Garrett: Casual Business / Prem Shah: Lifestyle Business

If you take the time to do your due diligence, this makes for a better experience for BOTH parties, and gives you the peace of mind to relax leading up to your session!  Happy shooting!


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