A Two Day One-on-One Masterclass

Taking Place at My Studio With Live Photo-Shoots!

Two consecutive days with two different photo shoots where you fly in and fly out at your convenience. After taking this masterclass, you’ll leave with insider knowledge of my entire approach from technique to client management (the secret to capturing stellar reviews!). You’ll also receive a Masterclass completion badge to display on your site and/or in marketing materials.

Would you like to join our team as an associate?

Here’s what’s included with this exclusive peak into my live sessions:
  • Process: From welcoming a client, to my mini-clothing and look consult, and everything in-between.
  • Makeup: How to understand your clients’ needs making sure they are always happy with makeup.
  • Details: It really is all in the details. Wardrobe and hair – what matters to your clients.
  • Angles: How to find the best angles and poses for your subjects.
  • Lighting: Light and flag subjects with the most flattering results for both commercial and theatrical setups.
  • Women vs. Men: Nuanced lighting techniques and ‘must-have’ conversations to avoid mistakes and re-shoots.
  • Backgrounds: Learn to choose backgrounds that compliment your client’s complexion, wardrobe and looks.
  • Collaboration: How to listen and hear (!) your clients for a collaborative process guaranteeing a memorable experience.
  • Directing: The secret sauce, how to bring out personality from your subjects and prevent vacant stares.
  • Laughter: Learn to bring out organic laughter instead of fake smiles.
  • Editing: Post editing techniques that make you look like a genius.
  • Post Production: Master how to efficiently process each session in Lightroom from start to finish.
  • Actions: How to automate repetitive tasks with actions for galleries and downloads.
  • Software: Learn about apps for gallery output, invoicing and automating workflow.
  • Q&A: All your questions answered as they come up during my live coaching.
  • Hands on: A chance to shoot and direct my subjects to receive feedback.
  • Presets: VPP Presets for Lightroom desktop and mobile are included!



I’m usually booked with photo sessions 4-6 weeks in advance. Once you make your purchase, we’ll be in touch to coordinate dates that work with your schedule and mine.

To purchase, click below and you’ll receive information on where to stay, where to play, as well as some of my favorite places to wine and dine in LA.