The Secret to Effective Facebook Advertising for Photographers

Let’s discuss advertising on Meta (Facebook or Instagram).

If you have a business account (hint, you should), I’m sure you’ve seen the “boost”???? button that pops up asking you to pay Meta to show your post to more people.

In case you didn’t know this (and I’m surprised to learn a lot of people don’t), boosting a post is advertising.

But here’s why it mostly doesn’t work.

First, the Boost feature is setup to be simple and easy for people without advertising experience and therefore does not have any of the capabilities that Meta’s dedicated ads manager does.

So while it might work on the perfect post, you don’t have much control over how well it performs. So it’s very much worth learning how to use the ads manager.

Second, you can’t just click that “boost” button and expect results no matter how much money you pour into that ad IF you don’t have, wait for it… social proof.

What social proof looks like on social media is very different from what it looks like on your website.

But in both cases, without social proof your ads won’t work.

For a Meta ad to work, your page needs to have the following criteria:

✅First and foremost your social media account needs to have many followers.

• When a prospect clicks on your ad, even if the ad takes them directly to a polished and professional website, the fastest way for a prospect to check if the advertiser is credible is by checking their page.
• If your page does not have very many followers, most of the time (not always) the ad won’t work because you won’t have credibility in the eyes of your prospect.
If your product is exceptional and your website has plenty of social proof than your ad will work.
✅Second, your page needs to be current with current posts or your ad will be disregarded because again, you will not have credibility in the eyes of your prospect.

✅Last but not least, your page needs to provide value and be engaging enough for that prospect to follow you even if your ad does not convert them to a sale. Because by following you and engaging with your content, they will buy when they’re ready.

Here’s the hard truth.

Most people on social media who are going to click on your ad can’t imagine how any business can be successful without being on social media.

Social media is equal to credibility. It is the ultimate social proof.
Human beings are wired to copy the actions of others.

If you’re not active on social media, don’t let this email scare you.

Find the platform you like most and start today. Work with intention to grow your following with the purpose of leveraging ads in the future.

The good news is, if you don’t have the budget yet for advertising, social media is a powerful free marketing tool and a great way to brand your business and bring leads into your funnel without having to spend a penny.

Got questions about social media ads? Comment below!

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