Hollywood Headshots

by Vanie Poyey


A friend of mine mentioned he was looking for a new agent

and bought clear envelopes and started doing submissions.  I thought to myself, “Really? It’s the year 2014! There’s got to be a better way.” And of course, the result that approach yielded was minimal.  The calls he received were not from the most desirable agencies.

Corporate Photos

Ariel Mantelli – Ryan J. Kibby


Daihona Perez: Young Mom / Cory Dagg: Business

Acting Headshots

Theresa H. Roselli: Fun Neighbor

ONE OF MY CLIENTS had mentioned how he visits commercial casting houses and drops off a cleverly-packaged bottle of goodies, with his headshot and essence-breakdown wrapped around the bottle from the inside.

Because that package sits on the casting director’s desk reminding them of who he is, this has proven to be an effective way for him to get called into auditions.  I proposed my friend do something similar with agents.

Headshots LA

Phillip Paley: Lawyer / Edgy Hero

Kid's Headshots

Jerni & Trey: Do these two cuties need a caption??

Los Angeles Headshots

Lance Carter: Quirky Office / Victoria Thompson: Young Professional

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to go into an office unannounced and without an appointment, and yes, you may get the cold shoulder or even rejected, but would it not be worth the effort if for every 10 doors that close, one valuable door opens?

Think outside the box if you want traction in the business of acting.  A good source for new and innovative approaches in this internet-based & crowded marketplace is www.CareerActivate.com by Jona Xiao.


Nadia Anwar: Hip Stylish Girl Next Door / Athletic

Los Angeles Acting Headshots

Tina D’Marco: Business Professional

Best Heasdshots in LA

Kenyatta DeEtt: Urban / Sarah Casolaro: Grad Student

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