How To Stand Out To Reps When Seeking a Meeting

[Actor and Actress Headshots by Vanie]

I introduced a friend of mine

to a manager that I work with, because I thought each party might benefit from working with one another.  I wished her good luck, and didn’t think much more about it.

A FEW DAYS LATER, I was cc-d on an email from the manager to my friend.  He thanked me for the connection, and as I scrolled down and read her email to him, I understood why.

Actors Headshots in LA

Corey Clifford: Hip Quirky / Leading Lady

Acting Headshots

Nate Geez: Edgy Hero / Guy’s Night Out


Brian Chin: Casual Guy Next Door / Edith Dague: Victim

EVERY INCH OF THAT LETTER OF INTRODUCTION oozed her personality (which, by the way, is intoxicating to begin with), but not only that– her letter was cleverly written as a character breakdown.

Yes, a breakdown as in Breakdown Services. 

Not only was I amused and entertained but I thought to myself, “If I were a manager, I’d meet with this gal!” 

Images for Headshots

Steven Moreton: Neighbor We Can’t Trust /  Martin Hanson: Troubled Teen

Child Actor Headshot Photographer

Amira Lumbly: Winner of our contest for a $50 Headshot! / Lebbaeus: Cutest Kid Ever!


Jolie Carina: Yoga Athletic / Tom Simmons: Quirky Detective

 THAT’S HALF THE BATTLE, ISN’T IT?  Getting the right people to notice you?

Think outside the box.  Don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Headshot Photographer

Paige Morrow Kimball: Author / Lawyer


Renee Pezzotta: Orange is the New Black? / Business Professional


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