Do Looks Change From Commercial to Theatrical?

[Headshots by Vanie]

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If you don’t have an agent,

a coach, or a casting director giving you advice, the best way to figure out your target market is to watch prime-time TV as well as popular shows on cable.

But wait– don’t skip the commercials!  Look for people WHO LOOK LIKE YOU, what they are wearing and the roles they are playing in TV shows as well as commercials.



Brittney Middlebrook:  Grad Student / Jamie Suraci: Hip Girl Next Door


Denzil Meyers: Winner of a complimentary session from our Annual Raffle Party!

Actors Headshots

Tricia Morig: Best Buy Worker /  Natalia Gorelova: Enterprise Worker

Once you figure out your target market, you’ll realize that you will play the same character commercially as well as theatrically.  For example, once you categorize the roles, you’ll come up with specific language, like Girl Next Door, or Business Professional, etc.

Actress Headshots

Janet Fontaine: Quirky Secretary /  Kelly Nienaltowski: Young Office Worker

Acting Headshot Image

Katharine Guerrero: Girl Next Door, Preppy Student, Love Interest

YOU CAN EVEN GET MORE SPECIFIC, such as the Best Friend who goes shopping with her girlfriends (commercially), or One of the Girls on a girl’s night out (theatrically).

Images of Headshots

Kyra Groves: Edgy Hipster


Kyra Groves: Sassy Hip

Acting Headshots

Brandon Pizzola: Tough Thug / Young Dad / Quirky Office

Another example would be the FBI agent (theatrically) vs. Enterprise worker (commercially), both under the category of Business Professional.

The Young Dad having a beer while watching football (commercially) vs. the Young Dad having a BBQ with friends and neighbors on a TV drama.

Headshot Photos

Coby Getzug: Silverlake Hipster / Dan Kirschner: Edgy Blue Collar


Brent Jennings: Dad / Julian Clark: Hip Guy Next Door

When you break down the roles you fit into, whether it be the Blue Collar Worker or the Silverlake Hipster, you’ll realize the roles cross over to both commercial and theatrical worlds– what changes is the context.

Doing this research not only ensures a better and more useful outcome from your next Headshot Session but also gives your agent or agent to be the marketing tools to get you in the door!


Pictures of Headshots

Chris Kauffmann: Hipster


Toni Romano: Wife / Business Professional


Toni Romano: Soccer Mom


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  1. Kyra

    I LOVE that you’re sharing information that extends outside of the photo shoot and into the world where a lot of “lost” actors need it. You give the love. And the confidence. And the support. The knowledge. And the BOOST, to move that booty where it shakes best. You’re, in a word, straight up CoOL.

  2. Tom K.

    Astonishing portraiture. So beautiful in so many ways.



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