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The first question you’ll need to answer is what your age range is.

From there, you can assess what the most commonly requested looks are for that age group.  Most actors are under the impression that the larger their age range, the better it is for their acting, but in fact, the opposite is true. 

A reasonable age range is five to seven years, because the more specific you are with your marketing looks, the greater the chances are of getting in the door. 

actress headshots

Courtney Carini: Power Lawyer / Quirky Mom

commercial headshots

Jack Nathan Harding: Mad Men / Jason Leeds: Business Professional

Headshot Images

Jan Davidson: Quirky Mom / Quirky Secretary

DURING MY MANY CONSULTATIONS,  it’s typical for the novice actor to throw out an age range, say from 20 to 35. Although for theater a 15-year age range is very realistic, for TV and film, it’s not.

commercial headshot

Raymond McAnally: Business Professional / Blue Collar

Actress Headshot Photos

Zoey Arzo: Edgy Detective / Ben Schyan: Young Office

THE WIDER THE AGE RANGE, the less focused your submissions are, and more is left to chance in terms of what look catches.

On stage, makeup can do wonders, but on TV, a 20-year-old can not pull off 35, no matter HOW much range he/she thinks he/she has.

Acting Headshot Images

Maria Hinojos: Sassy Girl Next Door

It’s best to do your homework and be very methodical in figuring out your stereotype, and then capitalize on it!

For example, if you’re 18, perhaps you play 16 to 21.  If you’re 24, perhaps you play 20 to 27. If you’re 45, perhaps you play 42 to 48, and so on.

great headshots

Noelle Marion: Girl Next Door / Alice In Wonderland? 🙂

digital headshots

Nikhil Prakash: Young Professional / Edgy Hero

actors headshots

Aracely Rodriguez: Best Friend / Kevin M. Horton: Quirky Office

SO THEN, how do you figure out what the most commonly requested looks are for your age group?

Aside from taking workshops like Sam Christensen’s Personal Brand class, and making a list of breakdowns from sites like Casting Networks, there is more you can do to figure out your specific target market.

Find out HOW in Part III of this series.  In the meantime, as you scroll through the images in this article, note the specific labels describing some typical marketing looks for each image.  Read Part III.


Headshot Images

Zahida: Quirky Grad Student / Hip Student

Pictures of Headshots

Stacy Snyder: Quirky Young Professional / Love interest

Images for Headshots

Rachel Hroncich: Blue Collar / Quirky Business

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