Headshot Photography 

by Vanie Poyey


I’ve been a headshot photographer in Los Angeles for over 15 years.  One of the most noticeable differences in the photography industry is the digital revolution allowing many talented amateurs easy entry into the world of photography.  The affects of digital technology also trickled into the actor’s world.  Duplication labs suddenly had the ability to reproduce color headshots cost efficiently, in turn, giving actors the ability to afford color reproductions.  From there the color headshot was born and photographers scrambled to make the switch during 2003 and 2004.  Shortly thereafter online casting sites started to pop up and the industry changed forever as the internet became the primary tool for actors, agents and casting directors alike.  Actors no longer rely on agents so much for selective hard copy submissions of different looks and instead now showcase multiple looks online all at the same time.  For this reason having a headshot with specific marketing looks became paramount in the survival for the auditioning actor.  When preparing for your headshot session, if you don’t have an agent giving you advise on what type of looks to target, what can you do to find out what your target market is?  This series of blogs will give you the tools you need to figure it out.  Read Part II!


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headshots for actors

Jonas Dickson: Blue Collar / Micah Sloat: Young Professional

headshot photographer

Lily Blau: Quirky Secretary / Girl Next Door

acting headshots

Jack Sweeney: Young Office / Architect

actor head shots

Jennifer Bartling: Girl Next Door / Logan Hunt: Edgy Bad Boy

headshots portraits

Hayes Mercure: Young Professional / Ashley Craib: Girl Next Door

digital headshots

Kirk Chamberlin: Casual Dad / Chris Game: Lawyer

great headshots

Eaddy Mays: Business / Edgy Hero / Mom

head shots LA

Dan Wingard: Attorney / Edgy Detective

lifestyle photos

Lifestyle portrait of actress and model Cathy Cooper

LA headshot photographers

Daren K. Dukes: Office / Edgy

head shot photographer

Mary Elizabeth Boylan: Love Interest / Evan Green: Quirky Guy-Next-Door

head shot photographer in los angeles

Catherine Copplestone: Secretary / Young Mom

magician portraits

Kevin Viner: Magician

head shot photography

Wendy Haines: Hip Mom / Quirky Office

headshots in LA

Phil Kimble: Guy Next Door / Josh Canfield: Edgy Bad Guy

headshot photographer in los angeles

Charmagne Saunders: Mom / Summer Slim: Young Office

los angeles headshot photography

Eileen Aurelia: Grad Student / Larissa LaRenne: Edgy Hipster

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