Our Annual $55 Headshot Party and Raffle for a free photo session!

[Acting Headshots by Vanie]

Every year, my associate and I throw a headshot party

at the studio where we provide a “Mini” session for a super discounted price ($55) and we raffle off TWO free headshot sessions!

It’s a fun time with food and drinks, as well as a GREAT opportunity for potential clients to hang out and ask questions in person.  Of course, the chance to win a free photo shoot is a HUGE bonus.

This year our party is taking place on Saturday, June 1st, and I can’t wait!  Here are the details if you’re interested.  Hope to see you!


acting headshot

Lindsey Warm: Girl Next Door / Amanda Sadia: Love Interest

actor head shots

Justin Leeper: Guy Next Door / Edgy Bad Boy

acting headshots

Jodi Carol Harrison: Victim

actor head shot

Jodi Carol Harrison: Sassy Gallery Owner

actor head shots

Betsy Zajko: Ladies’ Night Out / Jason Lott: Funny Guy

actor headshot

Kristina Johnson: Troubled Victim / Love Interest

actor headshots

Marisa Costa: Edgy Hipster / Sherman Allen: Dad

headshots for actors

Maria Cavassuto: Edgy Urban / Andrew Orozco: Guy Next Door

headshots in los angeles

Nicole Laino: Power Lawyer / Wholesome Mom

hollywood headshots

David Portorreal: Fun-Loving Dad / Lawyer


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