Improvising is NOT about being funny!

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Guest Blog by Bill Applebaum-teacher, actor, writer, director and founder of Actor’s Improv Studio.

With an impressive list of credits on IMDB, Bill founded the  Actor’s Improv Studio in Los Angeles over 15 years ago because he felt there was a need for improv classes that emphasized improvisation as a tool for people to further access their creativity and trust their instincts.

Also see Bill’s other insightful Guest Blog called “Don’t try to figure out what they want, give them what they get!”


We all hear about improvising,

though some people aren’t sure what that means. Many people think improvising is about being funny.  I still hear people say, “The thought of improvising terrifies me!”

People improvise every day, but they don’t label it as such.  In life, no one knows what is going to happen moment to moment, yet people manage to respond, moment to moment.  THAT’S what improvising is about.  Responding moment to moment.


Lisa Costanza: Working Class / Erica Gerard: Retro Girl Next Door

musician headshots

Nolan Sotillo: Actor / Musician

commercial headshots

Chala Savino: Professional / Fayelyn Bilodeau: Leading Lady

THE TRUTH IS THAT IMPROVISATION gives one the freedom to trust one’s instincts and act in the moment, based on those choices.  Those choices are unique to the individual, and that’s being creative.  That’s good improvising.

head shot photographer in LA

Paul Keany: Casual Office / Dad

los angeles headshot photographer

Kristen Howe: FBI Agent / Kristen and Erin: The Cutest Couple Ever! / Erin Stoddard: Quirky Friend

The more one trusts the internal creative voice which says, “Do this, try that, say this,” the more one’s creative voice will speak to us when we want it to.

LA headshots

Kristopher Ross: Silverlake Hipster / Susan Korma: Edgy

ACTORS WILL NOT BOOK every job they audition for, for any number of reasons– most of which the actor has no control over.  However, the actor CAN have a strong, creative, unique and satisfying audition.

Improvising is the tool which allows that to happen.

Learning to improvise gives everyone the ability to trust one’s creativity, to be able to respond to whatever one is doing, whether one thinks of themselves as an artist or not.



headshot photographer

Curie Lee: Young Grad Student / Constance Broge: Business

hollywood headshots

Sarah Navratil: Young Professional / Love Interest


Emily Karol: Quirky Grad Student / Wholesome Girl Next Door


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  1. Hillary Campbell

    If I were in casting, Erica Gerard would be top of my list! She looks fun, friendly, and adorable! Great capture, as always, Vanie. 🙂

  2. Cynthia McIntyre

    What a great idea. Love your work. They look so natural with great expressions!


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