Know your “type” or throw money out the door!

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While perusing Backstage West online,

a great resource for novice actors, I stumbled upon an article on “How to find your Type and Book Work” written by acting coach Carolyne Barry.  All too often, an actor just getting their feet wet in the business will call me for headshots and not have a clue how to answer my first question “what is your target market?”


Christy Rae Nunn: Wholesome Girl Next Door / Quirky Grad Student

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Arnell Powell: Edgy Detective / Young Dad


Antonio Laudadio: Urban Love Interest / Rachel Li: Best Friend

IF YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT what your age range is and what your type is before taking your headshots, then you might as well be throwing money out the door, because this is the key to getting in the door.

kids headshots

Mia: Kid Headshot

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Hyelim Kang: Young Mom / Illiana Nuñez: Business Professional

Carolyn’s advice column is almost word-for-word what I tell actors to do to find their type in preparation for their headshot session. I suggest you read it!

actor headshots

Dawn Doherty: Judge / Marco Naggar: Edgy Bad Boy

Los Angeles Head shot Photographer

Deborah Pollack: Edgy Detective

IN ADDITION, if an actor does not have an acting coach or an agent giving them notes, I’m happy to “stereotype” them when I see them or during their consultation.  With 15 years of experience working with agents and the notes they give actors, I’m pretty good at type-casting actors in just a few seconds!

For some tips, take a look at the different marketing types labeled below each picture.



headshots portraits

Amy Benedict: Wholesome Mom / Substance Abuser

LA Headshots

Grace Park: Edgy Bad Girl / Kisha Lockett: Sexy Vixen

great headshots

Wanru Tseng: Best Friend / Bill Applebaum: Funny Office


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  1. Hillary Campbell

    I have seen Arnell in TWO commercials over the last month or so! Your headshots are where it’s at!

  2. Shelby

    Thank you so much for this post! Actually, thank you for your blog–I’ve really gotten in type and branding within the past year and while I’ve think I’ve just about nailed myself down, your use of the headshots really illustrates what that brand should look like, what kind of image I want to project (as well as what a good headshot should be looking like!).


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