The key to a successful headshot session is to prepare with your photographer.

So how do you do that? Your initial interview with photographers will be the deciding factor on who you choose to work with. This may be based on price range, personality, or whatever your criteria is.

Kyle Anderson: Villain / Upscale Business / Blue Collar


 Jimmy Solis: Leading Man / Hipster

Actress Headshots LA

Caroline Smith: Girl’s Night Out / Period

However, after you’ve made your choice, one of the simplest actions you can take is to come up with a GAME PLAN and have a consultation with your photographer.

Robert Foster: Blue Collar Dad / Melinda McColgan: Edgy

Los Angeles Headshots

Marcus Hanson: Casual Dad / Hero / Computer Tech

Your plan should include:

  • A list of the specific marketing looks that your reps came up with (if you don’t have reps, read this.)
  • Discussing these marketing looks with your photographer.
  • Making sure he/she CLEARLY understands what they are, and is on the same page as you and your team.
  • Discussing and seeking guidance on wardrobe for each look.


Headshots Los Angeles

Chet Dixon: Blue Collar / Professor

Headshot Photographers LA

Pamela Shaddock: Bohemian / Josef LeMieux: Guy’s Night Out

Without these crucial steps, no matter how confident you are in your photographer’s ability to deliver a great headshot, you may find yourself coming into your session ill-prepared, without any clear direction, or without the right wardrobe to convey each look.

David Bauer: Hero / Creative Professional

Kevin Nichols: Commercial Business /  Colin Macleod: Villain

You may end up with great looking headshots, but ‘great looking’ does not equate to great headshots that WORK.

 When you don’t have headshots that work, your session is a #fail!


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