How to effectively use wardrobe for your headshots

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It seems that one of the biggest challenges

when preparing for a headshot session is how to put together a wardrobe that best represents the looks you are trying to achieve.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you with your selections!

    • For a “Mom” or a “Dad” look, plaids, cardigans and sweaters with layers are always the safest way to communicate caretaker on a still photo.
    • The “Professional” look is best demonstrated with the obvious suit and tie for men, or for the ladies, a suit with a blouse or a button-down shirt.  For the “Young Professional” where a suit is not necessary, only a button-down shirt would make it clear that your intention is to communicate a business look.
    • Conveying the “Edgy”/”Urban” look can be achieved by a simple leather jacket or textured colors, as well as layers with a jacket to top!
    • The “Guy Next Door” or the “Girl Next Door” both call for casual everyday attire.  For women, a soft top with a nice neckline revealing a little skin works well.  For men, a T-shirt or collared shirt will do the job.

Thanks to some well-prepared clients, the following pictures PERFECTLY demonstrate the suggestions above!

You may also download my Wardrobe Tips HERE.



Andrea Jones: Creative Professional / Date Night / Casual Midwestern Mom

Jim Hackett: Tourist / Casino Owner

Anne James: Creative Professional / Upscale Mom / Farmer

Jon Harrison: / Ari Schneider: Lawyer / Sidekick

Vivian Lei: Student / Edgy Victim

Austin Rae: Gamer / Hero / Best Friend


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  1. placement

    Great pictures! Congratulations from France!

  2. Tom K.

    Astonishing work.


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