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Guest Blog by Sinclair Jones of 2nd Street Artist Management

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sinclair Jones,

who has built a successful career as a manager placing talent in shows like Prison Break, Law & Order, CSI, Southland, and a number of feature films. I was pleasantly surprised by what Sinclair had to say about the importance of quality when it came to headshots.

I had learned from a SAG panel I attended that cheap headshots make an actor look green– a sure deterrent from calling him in, but little did I realize agents also judge the quality of a headshot in the same way.  IF YOUR HEADSHOT LOOKS GREEN, then the assumption is you won’t be able to act and are not ready for representation.

To be more specific, here’s what Sinclair had to say.

NY Headshot PhotographerBrad Rutter: Business / Betsy Curie: Quirky Secretary

HeadshotsChris Davenport: Anti-hero

THE OLD ADAGE “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BUY IT’S COVER” doesn’t necessarily ring true when it comes to poor headshots.

I can often look at an actor’s headshot and not only get a sense of their skill level based on the quality of the headshot, but I also correlate commitment to its quality.

Hollywood HeadshotsVeronika Kurshinskaya: Business Commercial / Hero

Los Angeles Headshot PhotographerMarina Voruz: Young Professional / Prostitute

In short, you get what you give. This is a tough business to break into, so it is imperative to not sabotage your chances of being seen due to not taking to heart the weight that the industry puts upon a headshot. It is your entry key.

Headshot Photographers LANadia Riverstone: American Indian / Mean Girl

Actors HeadshotsStennar Strom: Celebrity (okay not really) / Sarah Burkhardt: Hero

THE WRONG ONE IS AN INDICATION that either you are clueless, don’t have the money, or are unwilling to make the necessary commitment to build the necessary foundation to be successful at your craft. If money is an issue (which is understandable), you must budget, make sacrifices, and take the necessary steps to get it done.

Top Headshot PhotographerAlaina Fleming: Business / Edgy

If you are unwilling to do that, then I would question if you have the drive and passion to have success in this field. Any dream that one desires to pursue is MOST DEFINITELY worth every detail of effort in order to have it come to pass.

With talent, commitment, a strong sense of self and an attentiveness to the details of your craft, success is only a matter of time.

-Sinclair Jones


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Digital HeadshotsBrooke Griffin: Silverlake Hipster / Young Grad

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