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Have you ever wished you could give a different business card with a different picture on it to different people?  When you’re out networking, wouldn’t it be nice to hand a card with your “business” look to a casting director that casts a show like CSI?  Or wouldn’t it be nice to give your “edgy” shot on a business card to a producer that produces a show like True Blood?  And it would be really nice if you can simply hand off your “good looking” shot to someone you meet, say, at a party!  Well now you can!

I discovered Moo cards over a year ago and don’t know why it took me this long to share it with you but they are an amazing company.  Moo allows you to print double sided cards with up to 50, yep, 50 different photos on one side at a very low price!  Not only that but their quality is amazing and believe me I’m very picky when it comes to printing companies.  To top it, they guarantee customer satisfaction so needless to say they have amazing customer service.

I use my Moo business cards to show off my entire portfolio when I’m out networking.  It’s great because it gives people a sense of my work immediately upon meeting me and it makes a memorable impression so they don’t forget who I am!

Below are a few examples of the different looks you can combine into business cards!


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Ricky R. Marshall: Urban Edgy / Commercial Business

Actress Headshots

Susana Rodriguez: Girl Next Door / Commercial Business

LA Headshots

Brian Hernandez: Edgy Bad Boy / Best Friend


Koko Masako: Girl Next Door / CEO


Antonia Jones: Young Mom / Upscale Wife

headshot photography los angeles

Antonia Jones: Lawyer / Doctor

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