Are Headshots your “Golden Ticket”?

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Guest Blog by Kathy L. Young

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Talent Manager and Career Coach Kathy L. Young has a passion for educating and leading the next generation of actors to industry success. She opened the doors of “Actor’s Classroom” to help actors who are beginning or refreshing their careers. Her unique, personalized management style benefits her actors which receive an individualized plan for their success. Kathy’s students have appeared on all major prime time and cable networks and have booked over 50 SAG national and regional commercials.


In the classic movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,

Charlie and his Grandpa Joe sing,“’cause I’ve got a golden ticket, I’ve got a golden chance to make my way, and with a golden ticket, it’s a golden day!”

As a talent manager and career coach, I find that many actors are searching for the “golden ticket” to career success.

headshot samplesJonathan Bryant: Antihero/Casual Dad/Professor

headshot looksCarrie Barton: Country Gal/ BBQ Mom

AS I HAVE SPENT TIME WITH ACTORS,  I have come to understand and relate to their thought process–“If I get new headshots, then I will find a new agent. If I get BETTER headshots, then I will go out on better auditions. And if I have GREAT headshots, then I will book a great job.”

Because my desire is for each of my actors to be successful,  I teach them that focusing on headshots alone is the “golden ticket mentality.”

Tragically, I have seen this mentality only lead to disappointment and frustration.

headshot ideas

Michael Maresca: Casanova/Publicity Shot

Headshot ideas

Begine White Klein: Hipster/ Best Friend

headshot samplesBonbon Centeno: Guy Next Door / Hipster

I instead educate them on all three components of a successful career: Marketing, Training and Representation.

Because headshots only fall within the marketing component, an actor should ask themselves these questions to include all components:

1) Is my resume up-to-date and formatted in a professional way to best market myself?

2) Am I currently enrolled in consistent and beneficial acting training?

3) Am I building up my career team who is advising me on my type/look/essences?

4) Am I auditioning on a regular basis ?

Headshot ideasChristina Shipp: Best Office Girl / Bohemian

headshots for womenMegan King: Helpful Employee/Sassy Office Intern/Hipster

headshot samplesBrian Snow: BBQ Dad/ Villain

OVERALL, actors should always utilize these questions before proceeding with any career decisions.

By answering these questions, actors will have a more well-rounded view of their career and path to success and ultimately avoid the trap of the “golden ticket mentality.

For more sound advice, Kathy can be reached via email at coach4crossroads@yahoo.com. If you’ve fallen into the trap of the “Golden Ticket Mentality”, share your thoughts below!



Headshot examplesEddy Herrero: Blue Collar/Office Guy

headshots womenMarilyn Berney: Mid-Western Grandma


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