Do you know what you’re selling?

[Headshot Photography in Los Angeles by Vanie]

Or do you try to figure out what others want to buy,

and conform to become attractive to them?

Last month, I had two clients both just getting their feet wet, and both a little unclear about what Hollywood wants.  Alexandra thought that she should hide her tattoos, and Michelle thought that she should get all the popular looks agents typically ask for.

actor headshots

Christopher Cedeño: Edgy Bad Boy / Richard Hochman: Professional Business

head shots LA

Maria Molund: Victim / Girl Next Door

digital headshotsAdam Hudson: Night on the Town / Guy Next Door

MY ADVICE TO ALEXANDRA WAS TO SHOW HER TATTOOS, because there is a place for her as the girl with tattoos.

Undoubtedly, there will come along a role that requires she walk in the door looking edgy.

As for Michelle, my advice was to capitalize on her stereotype and to get specific, instead of broadening her range with looks that don’t represent her.

actress headshotsAlexandra Hewlett: Edgy Bad Girl / Young Mom

headshotsMichellle Neumann Johnson: College Prep / Urban Edgy

Acting HeadshotChelsea Didier: Quirky Office / Best Friend

Remember the one quality that is unique to you is YOU.

Instead of trying to figure how you can fit in and be like everyone else, try being yourself and you will fit in.  If you have tattoos, don’t hide them–embrace them.  Capitalize on your look and on who you are!

Once you realize that what you’re selling is you and not what you think Hollywood wants to buy, you will have taken a very important step towards confidence, and confidence always sells well!


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