Six Tips Demystifying Wardrobe for Headshots


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With all the insight I provide during our consultation,

the wardrobe guideline I send upon booking a headshot session, the wardrobe tips with samples, all the sample photos underneath my blog articles, and the tips on Instagram, the subject of wardrobe still seems to mystify actors.


Andrew Kane: Casual Dad / Doctor


Ginny Hill: Office, Love Interest, Heroine

So here it is, the much-needed blog about wardrobe.

1. Below are some basic do’s and don’ts.

BUT FIRST, your wardrobe should include only items from your closet that you like! It seems obvious, but it’s truly surprising how many people bring wardrobes they don’t like, and when I choose that item to photograph them in, they object.

  • Do bring lots of vibrant primary colors.
  • Stay away from black unless for a suit, leather jacket or hoodie or for anything edg.
  • Unless choosing for kids, try to stay away from large patterns. Small patterns, plaid, and polka dots are totally fine.
  • Bring white only as a layer; perhaps under a sweater, suit, or an open shirt. Never bring white as a primary option, because it will reflect and become a distracting hot spot in your photo.
  • Avoid pastels because similar to white, they tend to wash out.
  • Graphic Tees are great for certain looks, in fact they are needed to clarify certain looks but in general, avoid logos if you can. If not, there’s always Photoshop!
  • Do bring accessories, including hats, scarves, glasses, and jewelry  that define you. You never know what look might be clarified a little bit more with the help of an accessory!


Same Fedele: Blue Collar Dad / Detective


Christine Castanon: Grad Student / Urban

2. Don’t simply bring whatever is in your closet.

Put thought into pairing your wardrobe with the marketing looks you’ve settled on, and prepare about three to four options for EACH look.

3. DON’T bring your entire closet.

It’s an indication you didn’t do your homework and is counterproductive on the day of your session. It takes much longer to sort through a bunch of unusable random clothing items than it does to sort through a well-thought-out group of items for each look.

PLUS, you may still be missing the right items because you didn’t bother to do the research.


 Backyard BBQ Mom / Computer Tech / Anti Heroine / Victim


Ginny Hill: Hipster

4. Unless you’re doing a fitness or yoga look (frequently requested these days), don’t bother bringing the bottom half of your wardrobe.That means other than the comfy pair you come in with, no pants, no skirts and yes, no shoes!

It’s called a HEADSHOT for a reason.

Your reps expect your headshot to be photographed from the waist up- otherwise, the thumbnail online makes your face appear too small. Fitness is the only exception to that rule. So really, dump the shoes from your selections before you leave your house!

Douglas Hachiya: Upscale Business / Professor

Ursula Maria: Lawyer / Casual Mom

5. Have all your clothes steamed and ironed the night before so that you’re not rushed the day of your session, and be sure to bring them hanging in a garment bag.

To prevent your clothing from wrinkling, DO NOT fold and pack your clothing in a suitcase.

6. Lastly, download my wardrobe tips and go through as many posts in my blog as you like, and review the photos below each article.

All my photos are labeled with the most requested looks from the industry. Find your looks, see what wardrobe is used to convey those looks, and select from your clothes accordingly.

Watch how we put your wardrobe together the day of your session HERE.


Mark Sawyer: Suburban Grandfather / Middle Management


Stephanie Tyler: Hipster / Love Interest

OH! AND ONE MORE THING. If, after all this information, you still have questions about wardrobe, I highly recommend hiring a stylist.  My go-to is a prior client, Rayne Parvis.

Feel free to contact her if you need help putting your looks together!


I love helping you by putting out this free information (often written on weekends and evenings) so please help me spread the word by commenting and or sharing this post on your social feed!🙏🏻



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