Think twice before you get that “quick set of headshots”

[Headshots LA by Vanie]

LA Headshots

Anthia Gillick: Girls’ Night Out / Period – Western

When I hear “I need a quick set of headshots”,

I think “when are headshots ever quick if done right? Never!”

If you’re rushing the process, you’ll surely spend more money and time than you wanted to in the first place. How? For one, you should know headshots are used as marketing tools to match your picture to descriptions in the breakdowns. This fact alone makes them more than simply a picture of you.

Headshots Los Angeles

Armen Galumyan: Hip Urban Musician / Hipster

Headshots Los Angeles

Asaya Asah: Best Friend / Hipster

HAVE YOU COMMUNICATED WITH YOUR AGENTS to see what marketing looks they feel are important and appropriate for you?

If you don’t have representation, have you taken a type-casting class to learn your target market? Have you put together the appropriate wardrobe? Most importantly, have you taken the time to research photographers?

LA Headshot

Belen Benway: Love Interest / Surfer / Student

Los Angeles Headshots

Dax Richardson: Computer Tech / Lawyer / Detective


If you answered no to any of these questions, you might find yourself ending up with that “quick set” only to find the headshots to be ineffective. Unfortunately, you may have to start the process all over again. Who has time for that? Can your career afford to be put on a perpetual hold while you chase the perfect headshot over and over again?

Anytime I’ve heard someone on the other end of the phone say, “I just need a quick set of headshots,” I often discover they have no idea what headshots are about. They have no idea that you don’t simply show up to a photo session with a couple of tops, take some pictures, and be done with it! They haven’t thought the process through and haven’t yet learned that headshots are the MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TOOL at their disposal.


Danayia Stedham: Heroine / BBQ Mom / Blue Collar

Headshots LA

Dylan Richard George: Best Friend / Sarah Tither Kaplan: Cowgirl

In fact, your headshot is the one marketing tool you have optimal control over.

YOU get to do the research. YOU get to choose the photographer you click with. YOU get to choose the selection of clothing to show the photographer. YOU get to dictate your target market.

All this, only if you’ve taken the time to prepare.

Headshots Detroit

Eduardo Robinson: Rasta Hipster / Anti-Hero / Upscale Business – Stock Broker


Diana Wee: Creative Professional / Best Friend / Romantic Lead

NEXT TIME YOU DECIDE hopping into a session is quicker than taking the time to get it done right in the first place, think twice!

Think about how much you’re willing to spend on headshots over and over again, and how much time you’re willing to take away from your career without auditioning. Then do your due diligence.

Prepare your looks, prepare your wardrobe, and if need be, wait a month or two for the right photographer. Surely that’s better than spending months with ineffective headshots!


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