“To walk into a session with frustration and doubt only produces frustration and doubt.”

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Guest Blog by actress Sara Erickson


I recently had the pleasure of working with Sara Erickson, who’s notable credits include a series regular on the sketch comedy show with Jeff Foxworthy called “Foxworthy’s Big Night Out”. Despite repeated headshot sessions that failed to please her agent, Sara arrived to the studio with a positive attitude willing to make the best of yet another headshot session.  And indeed, she did make the best of it, because her positivity couldn’t help but rub off on me resulting in my work being more inspired! When I asked her how she manages to stay so lively and vibrant despite a seemingly negative experience with headshots and agents, her response was so insightful that I just had to share!  In fact, her attitude resonated word for word with a previous blog I had written about attitude and outcome.   I hope that Sara will inspire you to approach your career with a different outlook.


I remember my dad once told me

that every morning when you wake up, you choose your attitude. Each day, we are given the most beautiful gift of life, and then we are given the choice of how to live that life.  It’s amazing when you think about it!

Living and working as an actress in Los Angeles, that can sometimes feel farther from the truth.

But why should it?

Arianna Staton: Love Interest / Hip Urban / Anti-Heroinne

Fatima Gomez: Gothic / Student / Best Friend

WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR DESTINIES, our days, and ultimately our lives. No one is forcing us to be here, pursuing our goals, yet somehow the attitude of an actor can easily be that of negativity and loss.

As an actress, I can promise one thing to be true– you must fill your life with true joy, because booking a job is only temporary, but being truly happy and is what makes everything else possible.

Kris Mitchell: Stock Broker – Upscale Business / Hipster / Hero

How many times have you heard someone talk about how much they hate shooting headshots? This blows my mind! Headshots are the creative start to opportunities–a chance to let your soul shine through and be recognized as the uniquely perfect individual you are!

To walk into a session with frustration and doubt only produces frustration and doubt–things that I am sure you don’t want to be selling. If we all set our intentions that this session will be magical and produce the exact thing that we want before we walk into the door, shooting headshots would be something that we would be begging to do!

Le-Anne Noble: Creative Professional / BBQ Mom

Lexi Jane: Troubled Teen / Best Friend

Maria Jones: Casual Business / Period / BBQ Mom

THE UNIVERSE IS A POWERFUL AND AMAZING PLACE. Our thoughts, our attitudes, and awareness manifest our outcomes. It’s easy to blame stagnation in our careers on our agents, managers, headshots, etc., but it does nothing for our growth.

Instead of placing blame, make a list of the things you are wanting in your career. Live your life as though all of your goals are searching for you, as you are them, and soon you will be connected with each other in the most perfect way. Your goals are attainable. You are worthy of them. You deserve happiness.

Misty Marie: Best Friend / Blue Collar / Creative Professional

Regen Wilson: Upscale Business / BBQ Dad / FBI Agent


I discovered the power of ‘the list’ several years ago.  I had been reading a book about finding your soul mate, and one of the exercises was to make a list of everything you are looking for in a partner–literally everything! So I did. It was long, and actually TONS of fun!

Seeing what I wanted on paper gave me a clear definition of exactly who it was I was looking for. Whenever I felt discouraged, I would read this list and be filled with joy toward this person coming into my life. I knew that it was only a matter of time, and I was so clear, so exact on the details of who I was inviting into my life. The clarity I had when I met my now-husband was overwhelming, and now looking back it was as if I knew him when I wrote that list!

NOW, EVERY DAY I WAKE UP and write 5 things I am grateful for before I do anything. I remind myself of the gifts in my life so that I can choose an attitude of gratitude and joy for that day I am so lucky to live. Life can be easy or life can be hard. The choice is always up to you.

I wish you all luck in your careers, and more importantly your life. We are so incredibly lucky to be experiencing every day on this planet.

Xxoo Sara

Yulie Archontaki: Creative Professional / BBQ Mom / Mafia Boss

**Here are some amazing books, websites, etc that I think are great!”






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  1. Silvia Mathis (Manning)

    Thank you for posting this Vanie! I have been so blessed to attract into my life a powerful group of extraordinary and uber-talented industry professionals that daily radiate love and light in the energy that they project to the world. Many have become my mentors and some have become my friends. I could feel that same energy in you when we spoke and it shows in your work as well. Thank you again for posting this beautiful reminder that our attitude determines our altitude!




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