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I get asked this question all the time,


and I consistently see actors making the same mistake, overwhelming the buyer with too many choices.

Think of it this way– you’re a salesman selling your product (in this case, your look) and if you give the buyer too many choices, he will move on.  It’s basic Sales 101.

Headshot Photographers LARischae Tolentino: Nurse / Student / Hero / Urban

WHEN I LOOK AT ONLINE PROFILES, I often see over 10 images all with the same two or three expressions, but with the same outfits in varying poses and hairstyles, with pictures from multiple headshot sessions over a span of who knows how many years!

I know the urge to showcase all the different looks you’ve ever had over the years is strong, but all that really does is leave casting directors wondering what you look like now and what you’re really selling.

LA Headshot PhotographyAndrew Panzarella: Business / Suburban Dad / Rocker / Athletic

To put it simply, it’s redundant.  Thanks to Jane Park Smith’s generous willingness to volunteer her website, you can take a look at a sample HERE of what NOT to do.

Simply scroll down to her headshots section.  In addition, throughout this blog are some samples of what makes for a successful headshot selection.

Headshot Photographers Los AngelesElla Aro: Girl Next Door / Hipster / Quirky Office / Edgy Hero

AS YOU CAN SEE, every outfit is different–but more importantly, every expression is different AND the actors look consistent.  In addition, their target markets are clearly defined.

These actors don’t need any more photos to sell themselves.  Adding more photos to their profiles only ads redundancy.  If, in your photo session, you only took pictures with four outfits, you should showcase no more than four pictures but be sure to display different expressions.

HeadshotsPed Naseri: Office / Friend / Hipster / Rocker

Don’t leave the viewer wondering who you are, what you look like now and what you’re selling.  If you do, they will inevitably move on to the next product with fewer, but clearer choices.


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